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Edge Markets provides you with the most tremendous opportunities to evoke your trade potential. That’s why we offer Forex currency pairs, spot metals such as gold and silver, major indices, energy commodities and crypto currencies to trade across multiple platforms. When it comes to Forex, we provide 13 currency pairs to enhance your trading experience and diversify your investment portfolio.

What is Indices Trading?

Indices are weighted averages reflecting the collective value of publicly- traded companies from a market or industry sector. The change in value of an index represents the fluctuation of the company stocks that make the index. An index goes up in price if the overall value of the shares rises and will go down in the event the overall value of those companies’ shares decline.

How does
Indices trade work?

Traders can go long or short on an index. Traders go long when the stocks in that index market are likely to increase in the future or go short if they think that the stock index is likely to drop in value.

Why Trade SPOT CFD Indices

Trading SPOT CFD indices allows you to speculate on the direction of movement of the underlying index, without having physical ownership of any shares. The best part is that you get to trade both bullish and bearish price moves, giving you greater trading opportunities.

Costs are much lower, since you don’t own the asset. And, with competitive leverage, you can choose to increase your exposure with only a small investment from you. But, remember, leverage can also magnify your losses.

With powerful platforms MT5 offers access to live streaming prices, cutting-edge technical analysis and charting tools.

Trade Major Trade Indices

Edge Market’s indices CFDs offer access to a whole range of new markets. When trading in our indices CFDs, you will be able to diversify your trading strategies as well as take advantage of different opportunities across global equity markets. The stock indices CFDs of Edge Markets have no hidden markups, no requotes and cover from a wide selection of 7 major international stock indices.

  • 13 MAJOR INDCES pairs
  • Spreads from 2 CENT.
  • Negative balance protection
  • $0 Fee-Free Funding on a Wide range of deposit options


Competitive Spreads
Over 13 Indices from all over the World: S&P500, DAX30, UK100, WS30, SMI20, NAS100
Ability to go short or long
No overnight cost for holding open position for next day
Leverage up to 1:200
Trading apps Available for multiple device

Numerous Funding and

Withdrawal Options

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